Alabama’s First CBD Super Store

In the summer of 2018, there was not a place like CannaBama anywhere in the state…a comfortable & inviting space to come ask 2 or 200 questions. There was little to no access to high quality products. CBD was unheard of, badly misunderstood & had 80+ years of stigma to battle. It was more expensive & less understood than it is today. The vision for CannaBama, the name we all love & a whole lot of love gave birth to the first CBD super store in Alabama!

Our demographic is human

At CannaBama, we believe deeply that CBD is for everyone, every day. God created every mammalian body with an intricate system woven throughout the entire body with receptors whose sole purpose is to bring balance & the ability to self-correct to each of us…there is no race, age, sex, socioeconomic, education or religious difference in our chemical or electrical systems. If we are to bring about a real turn of the tide, let no human being be excluded from this incredible source of life. The only qualifying classification is the one that makes us all the same: humanity.

Educate, Advocate, Unify, Celebrate

Simply put, the reason we work as hard as we do every day is to create an environment of learning, to influence the law & it’s makers for positive change, to bring together all people in need of help & to celebrate each moment of relief, success & forward momentum as each happens before our eyes. Serving you is a privilege we do not take for granted & we pray you find us up to the task without fail.


From Full Spectrum to Broad Spectrum to Isolate CBD, we offer a wide variety of products for every need & preference. We have tinctures, flower, edibles, topicals, bath & body, coffee and so much more. We also provide many single serving samples for those who are new to CBD & want to try multiple products before they buy any full size items! Something for everyone, every day!

Our Story

It started as a vision & became a reality…this is how CannaBama was born.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear from our brand owners and our customers why CannaBama is the best choice for your CBD needs.

What Makes CannaBama Different?

Coffee Bean

Our Demographic is Human

Coffee Bean

Educate, Advocate, Unify, Celebrate

Coffee Bean

Alabama’s First CBD SuperStore